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Pierogi House

24 Jun

Craving pierogies and borsch? Here’s a different fast food joint to try besides a sandwich for lunch: Pierogi House,  which serves handmade pierogies and homemade soups and speedy service.


Pickle soup.


Perogie house menu.


The interior of the Waterloo location of Pierogi house.


Six pierogi (with a variety of fillings) loaded with green onions, caramelized onions, bacon and sour cream. Two sides are: picked beets and coleslaw.


Perogi House’s Waterloo location.



Salad King

20 Jun

In the heart of downtown Toronto is a restaurant known as Salad King. This is a  place with a contemporary bustling energetic interior and serves an assortment of tasty Thai-inspired dishes. You get to choose your preferred spice level. They have some salads, too! 🙂


Pad Thai with shrimp.


Seafood combination with rice.


Crispy spring rolls with a sweet chilli sauce.


Salad King menu.


Marble Slab vanilla ice cream.


Three Kretans

9 Jun

Three Kretans is a Greek restaurant located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Inside you will find a casual cozy dining atmosphere. On the menu are tasty hearty homemade traditional Greek dishes such as souvlaki, moussaka, baklava, dolmades, tzatziki and gyros. They are also located across the street from the local theatre and have become a popular destination for theatre goers. Reservations are encouraged during theatre nights.


An inside view of Three Kretans.


Avgolemono soup, which is an egg and lemon soup. This version from Three Kretans also had chicken and rice in it. So tasty! Avgolemono is one of my favourite soups! In greek, “Avgo” means egg.


Greek stew (Stifatho) made with beef and onions in a tomato based sauce. Served with rice, potatoes and roasted peppers.


Chicken souvlaki pita with a Greek salad.

Veslo Family Restaurant

10 May

Veslo is a low-key family restaurant serving traditional European fare located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Their menu includes schnitzel, grilled meats, chevapi, goulash soup, and an ample drinks menu. The decor and feel is that of a cozy classic 80s dinner. I would recommend giving Veslo a visit if you are interested in a comfy homey European meal.


Shopska Salad (Large Size).



Chevapi with Lepina Bread. Not seen is kajmak (a sort of cheese butter) inside the bread.


A front view of Veslo Family Restaurant.

Gol’s Ianzhou Noodle House

5 Apr

Gol’s Ianzhou is a popular hand-pulled noodle house located next to the University of Waterloo. Because of its location, it is very popular with students for its quick service, low prices and tasty food.


A bowl of spicy soup with hand-pulled noodles, tender thin slices of beef and garnished with cilantro, green onions and sliced daikon. This is really satisfying on a cold winter day.


Vegetarian chow mein with lots of pepper, garlic and a distinct smoky flavour that a red hot wok typically imparts.


Edamame with preserved radish. Served cold so very refreshing on a hot day.

Sahar’s Kitchen

10 Mar

I recently visited Sahar’s Kitchen in Kitchener, Ontario and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and tastiness of their aromatic Indian inspired dishes. I heard this is a fairly new family owned establishment and in my opinion worth supporting.


Paneer Makhani.


Garlic naan.


Lamb Biriyani.


Jhalfrezi: this is a chef’s speciality.


Thali, which includes butter chicken, goat curry, rice, naan and salad. An excellent choice if you want to try a a bit more without overeating!


8 Mar

Bogda restaurant, located in Waterloo, Ontario, serves traditional Uyghur cuisine. There is no restaurant like it in the area!  Their signature dishes include handmade noodles topped with a rich, spicy meat and vegetable sauce, homemade soups with dumplings, and fried rice. This is a friendly comfy husband and wife owned restaurant that has been serving unique, tasty and exotic dishes for years.  Do visit if you can!


Suirou Lagman, chef’s special hand-made noodles topped with uyghur style stir-fried meat & vegetables. Lunch size.


Tohogoshi Narin, stir-fried chicken with potatoes in chilli and garlic sauce with hand-made flat noodles. Lunch size.