Popcorn Maker

20 May
Popcorn maker, ~$20 (CAD).

Popcorn maker, ~$20 (CAD).

After purchasing my popcorn maker a few years ago, I’ve never gone back to the microwave version as there is a distinct tasty difference.  I purchased the machine at Canadian Tire for about $20 and a 1kg bag of kernels at the grocery store costs approximately $3, which lasts quite a while.  The popcorn maker is very simple to use with the popcorn being made in only a few minutes. The popcorn tastes delicious plain but I usually jazz it up with melted butter and then some (actually, a lot) of white cheddar powder. For the cleanup, I simply wipe dry with a clean kitchen towel. If you can afford the space, save the original packaging and keep the machine in there when not using.

Just popped popcorn.

Just-popped popcorn.


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