Dim Sum

15 Apr
Steamed rice rolls with bbq pork and soy sauce.

Steamed rice rolls with bbq pork and soy sauce.

Dim sum is synonymous with a unique and popular style of eating in Chinese culture. It is traditionally served at lunch time (and sometimes only on weekends as it can be a long meal).  Servers arrive at tables with trolleys filled with steaming dishes. Patrons choose which dishes they would like to sample.

Deep fried taro dumplings.

Deep fried taro dumplings.

For example, dishes include steamed meat and vegetable dumplings, sticky rice in lotus leaves, spring rolls, deep fried wontons, stuffed eggplants, rice rolls, bbq pork buns, marinated chicken feet, black bean spareribs, etc. As lunch service nears to an end, mini desserts begin to appear on trolleys as well.

Fried vegetable rolls.

Fried vegetable rolls.

Each trolley dish contains only a few bite-size pieces.  The concept of dim sum allows patrons to indulge in a variety of small dishes over a long lunch. Dim sum is usually served with hot tea and it’s often a good idea to bring a large group so more items can be sampled. Prices of each dish range between $3 to $6 depending on the quantity and ingredients.




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