Food Safety Tips

19 Feb


I recently read an informative article on suggestions for food safety. The article begins from the time you purchase your items to the clean up after the meal is over. Many of the suggested ideas are simple and easy-to-implement. The full article can be found in the February 2013 edition of Canadian Health and Lifestyle. Below are some highlights from the story. Find the complete article here.

1. Make grocery shopping your last stop and head immediately home afterwards.

2. Begin your shopping in the household and dry foods department. Leave the frozen and refridgerated foods last.

3. Keep cold foods as far away as possible from hot foods in the cart (and in the car).

4. When checking out, put raw meats, poultry and fish in separate bags.

5. In the summer, keep a cooler in your trunk and place cold and frozen items in there.

6. Unpack your groceries immediately upon arriving home.

7. Store raw meats and poultry in the coldest part of your fridge (the back) and use within two or three days, otherwise freeze for up to three months.

8. Do not store perishables, such as eggs or dairy, in the door portion of your fridge. This is the warmst part of your fridge.

9. Always thaw frozen items in the refrigerator or on defrost in the mircowave.

10. Thoroughly wash hands with soap before and during food preparation and cooking.

11. Use separate cutting boards and knifes for raw items and fresh items.

12. Transfer leftovers into small shallow food safe containers. Label items with the date and a brief description. Allow leftovers to cool before placing in the fridge.

13. Lastly, “if in doubt, throw it out.”


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