Uncle Betty’s

19 Jun

Uncle Bettys, 2590 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada.

Uncle Betty’s is a diner which specializes in classic comfort food.  The atmosphere is urban, warm, charming and homey. It is located in Toronto on a quieter and more residential stretch of Yonge Street. The decor is hard to put into words but is reminiscent of a mix between a modern version of the classic retro dinner and an old fashion ice cream parlour.   It also has a very unique and cheerful logo.

I learned about Uncle Betty’s on Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here“. The episode featured Uncle Betty’s homemade donuts and chocolate twinkies, eggs benedict and their signature macaroni and meatloaf grill cheese sandwiches.

Their homemade meatloaf made into a burger. This is called the Betty Burger, $12.

Grilled cheese sandwich with meatloaf and mac’n cheese, $14. The sweet potatoes were an upgrade from regular fries and were served with aioli (+$2).

A donut sprinkled with powdered sugar, $1.25.

The inside of the donut. This one is topped with cinnamon.

I had to try a homemade donut for myself and was glad to have made the decision. The donut was savoury and had a bread-like consistency. I really enjoyed its clean, simple and soft taste. Learn more about Dreesen’s donuts here.

A small nacho, $7.

Next, I tried the nachos which were topped with peppers, tomatoes, cheese and avocados. The addition of the avocados made the nachos exceptional. It was also accompanied with salsa and I believe lime sour cream. Everything in the nachos including the nachos tasted fresh and natural.

Pulled pork sandwich with house salad, $13.

For my main meal, I chose the pulled pork sandwich with house green salad. The sauce was light and a little sweet and the thin silvers of pork was soft and tender. I especially enjoyed the super hot (temperature wise) pulled pork against the crispy refreshing coleslaw.

A complimentary plate of toasted marshmallows for dessert.

I was quite full after my meal but the chef presented my table with a complimentary plate of toasted marshmallows. They were heavenly with a thin charred exterior and a soft warm sweet interior. So good and such a pleasant way to end a happy meal.


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