Empress of India

17 Apr

Empress of India, 103 King Street North, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I believe the two carts along the back wall are for the lunch buffet.

I have frequented Empress of India a number of times and each time is always a positive experience. The restaurant has a romantic and intimate atmosphere. It is decorated in a variety of dark warm mahogany hues accented with a few traditional Indian ornaments scattered around the dining area.  A buffet lunch ($11.99) is available but I have only had dinner at the restaurant.

Every dinner meal begins with a complimentary plate of Indian style chips with two sauces (one is rich dark red and the other a bright pale green).  The taste of each is very complex and I imagine many exotic ingredients went into its preparation. The chips are delicately thin, glossy, crispy and has a subtle warm nutty flavour.

Complimentary Indian style chips with two different dips.

My favourite dish at Empress of India is the royal butter chicken. The sauce is creamy but not thick and a perfect balance of savoury flavours.  I usually order a tandoori naan to accompany the butter chicken.  The bottom of the naan is crispy while the top is buttery, chewy and soft. It goes so perfectly with the butter chicken. For a healthier option, whole wheat roti and Basmati rice are also available.

Royal Butter Chicken, $14.99.

Tandoori naan on the left ($2.49) and Tandoori whole wheat roti on the right ($2.49).

Empress of India is a cozy intimate restaurant with beautiful food and good service.  I would recommend trying their naan and, of course, butter chicken.

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