23 Nov

A 946mL carton of plain Kefir, $3.99 (CDN).

I would describe  Kefir as a drinkable yogurt. Kefir tastes a lot like plain yogurt and has a thicker consistency than milk.  I enjoy Kefir as a richer and more flavourful alternative to drinking a glass of milk or soy. It is also packed with healthy bacterias, vitamins and minerals. I often have it with savoury phyllo pastries (such as tiropita, spanakopita, or burek) or mixed with cereal, fresh fruit and/or granola.

Kefir is more common in Europe than here in North America and it usually isn’t available at a regular grocery store.  This bottle was purchased at a specialty store (Vincenzo’s) that supplies foreign products and brands.  If you’re looking to try new foods, Kefir is an unique, healthy, versatile and inexpensive choice.


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