3 Aug

The thick crack along the teapot was caused unintentionally from leaving the teapot filled with water in a freezer overnight.

After thawing the ice, the teapot was now in two separate pieces. It's very curious that the teapot split almost exactly in half.

It’s been very hot weather where I live (southern Ontario in Canada) so I’ve taken to cooling jugs of water in my fridge.  Sometimes I’m too impatient and I place the water in my freezer for about two hours and voilà I have icy refreshing water to drink. On one such occasion, in the later evening I filled a ceramic teapot (my only teapot) with water and placed it in the freezer.  I forgot all about it and went to bed.  The next morning, I found it completely frozen with a thick crack down the entire length of the teapot. When the water froze, it expanded and caused the pot to crack.  Poor teapot.  If you are ever in need of splitting a teapot in half, this is one option.  If you never want to spilt a teapot, remember to take it out of the freezer before the liquid inside of it turns into solid ice.


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