Pat’s Restaurant

2 Jul

Pat's Restaurant, 887 Division Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Based on the name you might be surprised that Pat’s Restaurant located in Kingston, Ontario serves Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.  It’s done quite well with generous portions and reasonable prices.  It’s a sit down establishment with about ten tables and has a modest feel to it.   The restaurant’s take out option is also very popular.

Beef satay with pickled carrots and cucumbers, $5.95.

To begin, I tried the beef satay which comes with pickled carrots and cucumbers. The vegetables have rippled edges and a tangy taste with a crisp texture.  The beef satays are marinated and then grilled on skewers which gives it a subtle smoky taste.

Vermicelli with spring rolls, barbecued pork, shrimp, fish sauce, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce, mint and peanuts, $9.50. (I asked for no shrimp.)

The vermicelli bowl is a bed of plain soft slippery (vermicelli) noodles topped with barbecue pork, grilled shrimp, spring rolls, fresh veggies (carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers and lettuce) and garnished with julienned mint and crushed peanuts.  There is also an accompanying side of fish sauce.  The flavours are clean, crisp, fresh and particularly ideal on a warm summer’s day.

Red curry beef with sweet potatoes and rice, $9.95.

A specialty of the restaurant is the red curry beef with sweet potatoes.  It’s a creamy sweet and salty sauce with tender bites of beef, large chunks of sweet potatoes, slivers of onion and a few green beans served with rice. The sauce is a perfect balance of curry, coconut and peanut flavours.

Most of the items on the menu are $10 or less and there are quite a few dishes different from the familiar Thai and Vietnamese options. As well, the soups are meals on their own and all come with a bowl of rice on the side. In my opinion, Cambodian cuisine is a mix between Thai and Vietnamese but at the same time has its own unique distinction.

The service is efficient, clear and unassuming.  The waiter warns you about the long wait (because of the popularity of the take out) even before you sit down, water is provided without asking and when you’re ready to leave, you simply go up to the counter and pay. The vibe at Pat’s restaurant is really no fuss and no pressure with great food.


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