Pho Dau Bo

25 Jun

Pho Dau Bo, 301 King Street East, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Recently,  I visited Pho Dau Bo, a Vietnamese restaurant, at the Kitchener, Ontario location. I had read generally positive reviews for this restaurant and wanted to try it for myself.  My general impression of Pho Dau Bo is it is a very causal and simple establishment. Every table receives a complimentary pot of hot tea and to order, you simply write down the item number on the receipt.

To order, write down the item number you wish to eat and any other preferred options such as type of meat and/or size.

I ordered a large well done beef noodle soup (item number: 334)  which many reviews recommended, an appetizer described as steamed rice flour rolls with ground pork and Vietnamese sausage (item number: 110) and vermicelli with chicken or pork and a spring roll (item number: 448 ).  All three items arrived very quickly to the table.

A large well done beef rice noodle soup with bean sprouts, mint and lime served on the side, $7.00.

The first to arrive was the well done beef noodle soup which comes with mint leaves, bean sprouts and a wedge of lime served on the side. There was a generous amount of beef and noodles, and the accompanying broth was well flavoured. I like to add the bean sprouts to the soup immediately to warm them up and the sprouts add a nice crunch to each bite. I also enjoyed the sprinkling of cilantro and sliced onions on top of the beef noodle soup.

A small order of steamed rice flour rolls filled with ground pork and Vietnamese sausage. $5.50.

Fish sauce with strains of carrot and chinese radish (I think).

In a nutshell, the appetizer is two steamed rice rolls stuffed with meat and served with pickled carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts and slices of a Vietnamese style deli meat.  I quite enjoyed the soft and warm meat rice rolls and I especially liked the pickle carrots.  A fish sauce also accompanied the appetizers but everything was flavourful enough on its own that I didn’t dip into it.

Vermicelli with grilled chicken and spring roll, $7.75.

The last item I tried was the vermicelli with chicken which comes with fish sauce, one spring roll and fresh julienned veggies garnished with peanuts.   The noodles were thicker than I expected and very soft.  I usually like to pour a bit of the sauce into my noodles.  The spring roll was stuffed with filling and the chicken was slightly crispy and had a great taste.

I prefer Vietnamese cuisine when I’m looking for something light and healthy but satisfying and unique at the same time.  The food at Pho Dau Bo definitely fits the bill and I shall visit it again.


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