17 Jun

Blaubeuren, Germany taken from high up at the ruins of a castle (Rusenschloß).

I recently travelled to Germany; in particular, I spent one week in a small picturesque town called Blaubeuren and then one day in Frankfurt.  Below are some highlights of my Germany food adventures.


Bottled water in German is called mineralwasser and when I purchased my first one, it was carbonated which surprised me.  But I soon realized that carbonated water is the norm and non-carbonated is less typical.  It took a bit of time before I found some “still” mineralwasser.

Bottled water with bubbles.

Bottled water with a bit of bubbles.

Noncarbonated bottled water.

I also had a fizzy apple juice pop called apfelschorle which I was told is quite popular in Germany.  It tasted like a diluted apple juice with a hint of fizz.

A carbonated apple juice drink called Apfelschorle.

Lastly, I tried some German beer.  I was told that Augustiner-Bräu München is one of the best and that there are many local beers. The local beer in the region of Germany I visited was Autenrieder pilsner (I think).

Augustiner-Bräu München beer.

A fridge full of Autenrieder pilsner.


One of the most unique dishes I tried was currywurst which is a roasted sausage cut into bite size pieces topped with a ketchup-like sauce and a generous sprinkling of curry.  My currywurst came with a crusty bun and it really reminded me of a hotdog. I purchased my first and only currywurst outside the Hauptwache station in Frankfurt at a snack shop named “Imbiss an der Hauptwache” which loosely translates to “snacks at Hauptwache”.

Currywurst which is sausage cut into small pieces topped with a ketchup sauce and curry powder served with a crusty bun.

A snack shop outside Hauptwache station where I purchased my currywurst.

I also learned that spätzle is commonly mixed with a cheese sauce and then baked and topped with fried onions, rather than served with a meat sauce which is what I always thought.

Spätzle mixed with cheese sauce and then baked.


I ate a number of sweet treats such as a strawberry cream cheese made with mascarpone and Schillerlocken, which is a flaky pastry in the shape of a horn filled with cream.  It’s named after a German poet and made to resemble his curly locks of hair.  More familiarly, I also had a few samplings of ice cream.

A strawberry cream cheese made with mascarpone.

Schillerlocken is a horn shaped puff pastry filled with cream named after a German poet who had curly hair.

Chocolate ice cream with walnuts and topped with cream.

Vanilla ice cream with sliced strawberries.


I visited a couple of grocery stores and also happened upon a small outdoor farmer’s market at the end of Zeil Street in Frankfurt.

In the parking lot of one of these grocery stores, I  saw a truck selling rotisserie chicken. These trucks are apparently common throughout Germany.

A rotisserie chicken truck.

The grocery store, REWE, was quite similar to stores in Canada and I simply enjoyed walking around seeing products I recognized and didn’t recognize.

The produce section of REWE (a grocery chain) on Zeil Street in Frankfurt.

At the outdoor market, I happened upon two items which I had never seen before.  I think they were vegetables.

An item at the farmer's market which I couldn't identify.

Another item at the market I didn't recognize.

I had a great time in Germany and especially enjoyed all the unique and familiar foods I ate.  The most memorable was definitely the currywurst!


2 Responses to “Germany”

  1. Kateryna September 21, 2011 at 11:26 PM #

    The first non-identified fruit is gooseberries, and the second one is horseradish roots. 🙂

    • anchow September 21, 2011 at 11:52 PM #

      Thanks so much!

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