Village Creperie

19 May

Village Creperie, 703 Belmont Avenue West, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Village Creperie is a modern and fresh cafe-style restaurant located at the trendy Belmont Village in Kitchener, Ontario. The restaurant specializes in organic ingredients and as the name suggestions, crêpes.

The interior of Village Creperie. I especially liked the hanging antique bicycle.

My first visit to Village Creperie was on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The breakfast menu was being severed until 2PM and the daily specials were written colourfully and prominently on a blackboard near the entrance of the restaurant.

The daily special on a rainy Saturday.

The menu offers many classic breakfast items such as eggs florentine and omelettes but with a twist: the dishes are severed on a thin crêpe.  I had the eggs florentine which has organic baby spinach, cheddar and hollandaise sauce served on a crêpe.  The crêpe was crispy around the edges and soft in the middle.  The hollandaise sauce was flavourful but light and the crunch of the fresh spinach added a pleasant texture.  All breakfast items are $10 or less.

Eggs florentine with one egg, baby spinach, white cheddar and hollandaise sauce served on a crepe, $10.

The good morning breakfast includes two eggs on mini crepes, two maple sausages, potatoes and a fruit salad, $10.

A fruit salad from the good morning breakfast.

The omelette crepe includes goat cheese, cheddar, broccoli and mushrooms, $10. (They ran out of broccoli and the server offered roasted red peppers as a substitute.)

A variety of dessert crêpes are also available for $9.

A sweet crepe served with toasted pecans and seasonal fruit topped with a thick carmel sauce (dulce de leche), $9.

A dessert crepe topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate, $9.

The organic ingredients at Village Creperie are reflected in the quality of their dishes but while you would expect breakfast meals to include toast and potatoes, most of the items at Village Creperie do not. This restaurant is a great place to go for a light and healthy meal but if you’re famished, I’d save a visit to Village Creperie for another time.


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