Corbin Tomaszeski

6 May

Corbin Tomaszeski

Corbin Tomaszeski is a popular Canadian chef and regular fixture on Food Network Canada.  He is currently the executive chef for Holt Renfrew and as part of the Food Network Canada community has been involved in such shows as Restaurant Makeover and Dinner Party Wars.

On April 29, Corbin was demonstrating the art of cooking risotto at a grand re-opening at Canadian Tires.  He was enthusiastic about the salmon and spring vegetable risotto he was preparing and personable with the audience. Throughout the demo, he dispensed simple and useful cooking tips such as “never put lemons in the fridge” because this dries out the lemon or “the worse cheese smells, the better the cheese”. After his cooking presentation, he signed autographs, took pictures and chatted with the audience.

A cooking demonstration with Corbin Tomaszeski.

Corbin's risotto with salmon, asparagus and peas.

Autographs and pictures with Corbin.

It was a great treat to have been part of the audience at his cooking demonstration.  (My autographed picture of Corbin is tucked away in a safe place.) Corbin’s passion for cooking was quite infectious and his wealth of food and cooking knowledge inspiring.


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