30 Apr

Vincenzo's is located at 150 Caroline Street South, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Vincenzo’s is a one-of-a-kind locally owned deli and grocery store situated at the corner of uptown Waterloo, Ontario.  The store sells unique and European brand salad dressings, soups, olive oils, condiments, crackers, rice, seasonings, pickled vegetables, pastas, cheese, local or organic produce and a host of other edible products.  It also aims to make fresh and quality foods such as fresh pastas with complimentary sauces, breads, sweet baked goodies, salads, sushi and custom-made deli sandwiches (which can be pre-ordered online).

Walnut Baklava, $1.50

italian Panini with Prosciutto, $4.95

The store has a variety of departments such a desserts counter, a large fresh meat and seafood area, a bakery, a produce section and a floral corner. My favourite departments are the cheese and deli counters.  At the deli counter, there is an assortment of mild to spicy deli meats and sausages.  The deli department is also where you can order a sandwich made on the spot to your liking. The cheese counter offers feta from Greece, parmigiano reggiano, Canadian brie and a host of other delicious dairy delights at reasonable prices and conveniently located next to the cheese section is the bakery and a cracker aisle. There is also a café with tables and chairs where you can sit down and eat some of your purchases.

Shelves filled with fresh, local and/or organic produce.

The floral corner.

Fresh meat counter.

Deli, sausage and sandwich counter.

An assortment of sides.

For more information about Vincenzo’s, their website offers recipes, newsletters, announcements regarding ready-to-eat items of the day and featured products as well as the option of ordering sandwiches online. Or visit Vincenzo’s and browse their uniquely stocked shelves and specialty counters.


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