Heidelberg Restaurant

12 Apr

The Olde Heidelberg Restaurant and Tavern is located at 3006 Lobsinger Line in Heidelberg, Ontario, Canada. The copper kettles seen in the background brews beer that is sold on the premises.

The Heidelberg restaurant is part of a tavern and motel building that is located in Heidelberg, Ontario, Canada. It has a relaxed atmosphere with a seat yourself policy. The tavern is well known for brewing its own beer onsite and its copper brewing kettles are proudly displayed at the front of the establishment. The restaurant is popular for serving traditional German dishes.

When I went during dinner service, there were quite a few large groups sitting around friendly chatting and enjoying shiny golden beers and bar foods such as onion rings, battered mushrooms (which are very tasty), chicken wings and fries. There were also couples enjoying a casual meal out and the restaurant considers itself a family dining establishment.

Battered mushrooms, $4.75

Some popular entrees include the veal schnitzel, smoked pork hock, ribs, pigtails and sausage dinner which comes with coleslaw, sauerkraut or vegetables and fries or mashed potatoes with the option of gravy.  The smoked pork hock was full of soft juicy meat that easily falls off the bone and the side portions were quite generous.  I  noticed that many of the other restaurant patrons had also ordered the smoked pork hock dinner.

Smoked pork hock with mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, sauerkraut and mustard, $14.95.

Veal schnitzel with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, sour cream and apple sauce, $13.95.

There are also sandwiches and burgers available as well as a children’s menu and a selection of pies for dessert. Thursday is wings night and there are daily dinner specials for $11.95.

The Heidelberg restaurant and tavern is a great place for sampling traditional German dishes and/or beers with friends.  The prices are fair and the service and atmosphere is friendly.

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