Meson del Quijote

18 Mar

Meson del Quijote located in Varadero, Cuba

As the name suggests, Mesón del Quijote is a restaurant, located in Varadero, Cuba, that pays homage to Don Quixote.  The restaurant is situated on top of a small hill next to a monolithic stone tower and a metal statue of Don Quixote. There is also a patio and outdoor bar with a view of the ocean.  When I visited the restaurant for lunch, there was a horse in the front lawn munching on some grass.

The view outside the restaurant complete with a horse, stone tower and Don Quixote in the background.

Inside, the restaurant is beautifully decorated with a wall of wines, windmills and large sweeping windows.  The tables are posh picnic tables painted a glossy blackest black.  The atmosphere is serene and peaceful.   The servers are smartly dressed and unassuming.

Wine selection

The interior of the restaurant.

The first food item to arrive at my table was a complimentary basket of garlic bread.  The garlic topping placed on crispy toasted bread was delicious.  The menu includes starters such as soups, salads and fries, a variety of seafood dishes, pork, chicken or beef prepared in a number of ways and paellas.  There are also many samplings of seafood such as their seafood paella, shrimp cocktail and lobster medallion. I tried the meat paella which arrived at my table piping hot, bursting with flavour and large, soft, juicy chunks of meat in a smooth creamy rice mixture.

A complimentary basket of garlic bread.

Chicken and Pork Kabob, 5.75 Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC)

Meat Paella, 6 CUC

After my meal, I couldn’t leave without trying Cuba’s most famous drink, a mojito.  This popular drink is made with rum and garnished with green mint leaves.  It has a hint of liquorice flavour to it and is especially refreshing on a hot day.

Mojito, 2.75 CUC

Mesón del Quijote is located directly across from the tourist resorts in Varadero. Many of the resorts are all inclusive so the restaurant is often missed which is unfortunate.  Sitting inside the beautiful restaurant, gobbling the delicious food and staring outside into the picturesque scenery is a perfect dining experience.


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