Sol Sirenas Coral

26 Feb

I recently travelled to an all inclusive resort (Sol Sirenas Coral) in Varadero, Cuba. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are buffet style and there is a 24 hour snack bar which makes to order such items as fries, hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.  The resort also has several à la carte restaurants available only with reservations.

Ham and Egg Sandwich with Fries from the Snack Bar

Many of the dishes are catered to tourists but there were some noticeable differences.  For example, a few fruits common in Canada such as apples, strawberries, and grapes were nowhere to be found.  On the other hand, there was a lot of pineapple, coconut, honeydew and papaya available.

Assortment of Tropical Fruits

A popular cuban drink is the mojito which is made with rum and garnished with mint.  Other drinks I tried were the piña colada, sex-on-the-beach and strawberry daiquiri.  They also have pop available but instead of a pepsi or cola brand, the common brand is Ciego Montero.  The bottled water, which tourists are advised to drink, is also the Ciego Montero brand.

A Mojito and A Strawberry Daiquiri

White Rum From the Popular Havanna Club Brand and Other Bottles Available for Purchase

Cuban Brand Canned Pop and Beer

Ciego Montero Bottled Water

There are also many grilling stations available during meal services.  At breakfast, omelettes are made on the spot with your choice of toppings.  During dinner, you can have  your choice of meats, sausages and seafood grilled on the spot.  As well, there is an outdoor rustic barbecue and roasting pit used for slow cooking.

Omelettes Made to Suit Your Own Taste

Omelette Toppings such as tomatoes, onions, green peppers, ham, cheese, etc.

Grilled Meats which included Sausages, Chicken, Liver, Beef and Pork.

Outdoor Barbecue

Outdoor Roasting Pit

There are many many many desserts to choose from. They also have ice cream with your choice of chocolate sprinkles, shredded coconut, sliced almonds and vanilla syrup.

Tiramisu From the Italian Restaurant

A Sweet Treat

A Cake Coated with Almond Slices

In addition, there are many vegetarian and healthy options such as fish dishes, make-your-own salads, and grilled vegetables.

Lightly Seasoned Vegetables

Shredded Beets

Vegetarian Pizza from the Italian Restaurant

Fish topped with Grape Tomatoes

Blue Cheese

The resort has a huge variety of food catering to all age groups and personal tastes. I have only presented a small quantity here. Some items I haven’t shown include breads, roasted peppers, pasta salads, soups, pickles, seafood paella, rice, potato salads and much more.

Sol Sirenas Coral is a picture perfect paradise with crystal clear beaches, three pools, tall sweeping palm trees, warm soft sand, exercise room, souvenir kiosks, nightly entertainment and the food is a treat too.

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