6 Sep

Ennio's Pasta House, located at 384 King Street North, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Ennio’s is a casual fine dining Italian restaurant with delicious pasta entrees and unique pizzas. I have only been there for dinner but they are also opened for lunch. It is located at 384 King Street North in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. There is a second location in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada which I have not been to.

Some of the items I have tried are their assortment of medium sized (8 slices) thin crust pizzas all approximately $15 each.  They provide the option of whole wheat dough.

Mangia Cake Pizza with Bacon, Pepperoni and Mushrooms on Whole Wheat Dough, $13.53

Other entries I have tried are their pasta dishes and in particular, their lasagna, bolognese and carbonara.  Of the three pasta dishes, the carbonara is my favourite.  It is served with crispy bacon, sliced mushrooms and bow tie pasta in a light but flavourful cream sauce.  All pasta dishes are served with garden salad and bread.

Carbonara with Bacon and Mushrooms served on Bow Tie Pasta, $15.99

Ennio’s also has a variety of other entries.  Last night, my friend tried the veal scallopini and he enjoyed it very much.

Veal Scallopini, $22.99

Ennio’s also has a small selection of desserts and coffees, which I have never tried.  However, last night, for the first time, I did try one of their appetizers.  It was the brushcetta which was only okay in comparison to their delicious entrees. My complaint was that there was too little tomato topping in comparison with the thick bread it was served on.

Bruschetta, $9.44


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